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Marcia McCartney

The C L O : Chief Laughter Officer

Rev. Marcia McCartney

Creator and CLO (Chief ‘Laughing’ Officer) of

The Planetary Play Project

Rev. Marcia, A.K.A., Rev. Marciahmello is an ordained Unity Minister.

Has served ministries in Illinois, Kansas, and Florida since 1991.

She was employed by Delta Airlines for 30 years

where she loved to fly and it showed!​

Her passion is supporting the planet in rediscovering the part each of us plays in Divine Oneness. For over 30 years she has been spiritual midwife for people who desire to deepen and expand their experience of life with the creative spirit within. As a Unity Minister, she has encouraged the practice of Spiritual Truth taught by the great mystical traditions.  As a recovering addict of 43 years, she has walked the path of surrender and acceptance. As a holy fool, she has traveled the world finding planetary playmates in far away places! Through her work in the expressive arts she has developed practices and techniques that facilitate the creative process through

experiential classes, play shops, retreats and private counseling.

Laughter Yoga, Attitudinal Healing and Sage-ing International facilitator.

Creator of an alternative ministry based on the healing power of play, laughter and creativity:

The Planetary Play Project.  Originator and organizer of Unity's Planetary Play Day, April 1, 2006, named the Nobel Purpose Project of Unity World Wide Ministries in 2006.

Planetary Play is about rediscovering our DNA of play and how it will assist us all in removing the layers of forgetting our oneness with each other as amazing creative

beings, made in the image and likeness of the

Creative Spirit within all creation.


The Planetary Play Project

Consciousness of Oneness!

“Life at the root is playing.”

Alan Watts


Planetary Play is sacred relationship with life!

It goes beyond culture, religion, race and nationality.

Planetary Play is about being in touch with the joy and sorrow,

he tears and laughter,

the bitter and the sweet of life!

It’s about experiencing the wonder and awe of IT ALL!

Exploring the mystery!

It’s a choice that we make each moment to be kind and compassionate,

to be fearless and courageous playmates in the world today!

Planetary Play is about having a wonder and reverence for life in all it’s fullness!

To be a planetary citizen, to play full out in the kingdom!

To travel light and free, with the beginners mind,

the flexible soul and the open heart of a holy fool!

To play full out in life as if life ITSELF depended on it!

To lighten ones load and be willing to assist others in doing the same!

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